Saturday, June 9, 2012

Photography Exhibition

Couple days ago, Me and my friends went to a photography exhibition called Surabaya Sumuk (SUrabaya MU - SUrabaya Kita) [trans: Your Surabaya, Our Surabaya]. Surabaya is my hometown. And this photography exhibition is about what is happening in Surabaya. Such as, the people in a local park, or some people in traditional market, etc. I only took some photos there because it's kinda awkward when taking a photo of a photo and people are watching you. Lol xD

So, this 3 photos are basically my favorites.

By: J Totok Sumarno - Kembang Kuning Land of The Lovely Ones

By: Becky Subechi - Seniman Lukis Jalanan

By: Fedrik Taringan - Barang Razia Tersisa

The photography exhibition. 

ps: all photos are taken with my phone, corby txt b3210