Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'll be missing you, Nina-chan

Remember the lil' girl name Nina? Yep, she's one of the Youtuber I subscribed. I posted about her last year. You can read it here and here.

Jadi nih, papanya si Nina akan berhenti membuat video tentang Nina :(
Padahal selama ini video-video Nina yang cheering me up :(

Well, itu semua ada alasannya. Karena Nina sekarang berumur 6 tahun, ia akan memulai sekolahnya di Sekolah Dasar. Dan papanya Nina, si geofg beranggapan bahwa ia khawatir tentang efek negatif yang timbul dari public yang mengenal Nina. Nina juga sekarang lebih aware terhadap kamera :(

Tapi, saya akan tetap mengingat Nina, Nina seperti telah menjadi bagian dari hidup saya (cieee). Kalau lagi sedih, nontonnya video Nina, jadi bikin ketawa dan senyum-senyum sendiri.

Ah, Nina-chan. That's why I hate growing up.

Ini kata-kata Geofg di video postingan dia yang terakhir tentang Nina :(

The first video I ever uploaded to YouTube was of eleven month old Nina, just learning to walk (with help from Mama). I thought that my parents in the U.S. would enjoy seeing it and YouTube seemed to be the easiest way to share it. I made a few more videos, started playing more with adding titles, music, different kinds of transitions... and discovered I really enjoyed making these little "movies". I told all my friends and family about them and at first I would get maybe 20 views per video. But, then, the views started increasing, and I started getting comments from people I didn't know. At one point, YouTube featured the video "Nina Talks Insurance with Mama" and since then, the growth in viewers has steadily increased. I have never asked people to subscribe to this channel, or tried to solicit comments or ratings, as that was not my goal when I started it. Of course, I have appreciated all the wonderfully supportive comments we have gotten over the last few years. It has been extraordinary to see how people from countries all over the world have related to Nina's everyday adventures. But, my goal was never to make Nina into a celebrity, and as she gets older and more aware of the camera, I sense that these videos might become less a chronicle of her growth, and more about making her into a public figure. Besides worrying about the negative effect being in the public eye can have on a child, I also think the videos would lose some of their charm if Nina were to start to perform for the camera. My wife and I have discussed this many times and finally decided that we would stop making these videos public before Nina starts elementary school, and that time has now come.
In the course of making these videos, Nina has learned to crawl, stand, walk, talk in two different languages, and ride a bike. She has played doctor, detective, barber, clerk, magician and political analyst.
Now, though, her life is more about friends and getting ready to start elementary school. She has secrets. She closes her bedroom door sometimes. I think it is time to let her disappear from the public eye.
So, as a parting gesture, we decided to pick through Nina's videos for some of our favorite scenes from over the years. The first six years of a child's life are a time of hyper-accelerated growth and change, where each month brings new abilities and perspectives. For me, this first chapter in Nina's life culminated with "The Frustrated Little Shopkeeper", where Nina's social and linguistic skills were put on full display. I feel like Nina graduated with that video and now she's ready to move on.
Thanks again for all the support and understanding!

P.S. The background music is "Porch Swing Days" by Kevin MacLeod.
I have used many of his songs over the years and am very thankful. If you are looking for a good source of royalty free music to use in a vid, go check out his site. And, leave him a donation to show you appreciate his efforts.

P.P.S. I may start a new channel where I post videos of scenes in Japan from my humble perspective. I doubt many people would find them interesting without Nina as the star, but I will put a link on my profile page just in case.

Ini beberapa youtubers yang comment di video terakhir yang di upload oleh geofg.

Take care of yourself there Nina chan and family. I'll be missing you. And for Nina's Papa,thank you for showing us the most smart, cute, lovely, adorable lil' princess you have :)

Love, Ndoth <3

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kuliah lagi

September, kuliah lagi.
Jadwal kuliah semakin padat. Bayangkan, semester ini aku harus kuliah dari senin sampai sabtu?! Sedih euy :(

Mama juga jadi sedih karena aku sabtu masuk, jadi uang sakunya nambah sampai sabtu juga :(

Yang penting semangat dulu lah. Semangat semangat! :)